Why is canned fruit bad for you?

Vitamin C is heat sensitive and can be destroyed in the canning process, so fresh fruit is often a much better source. But heat doesn't bother other good-for-you vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B vitamins and potassium. Some fruits are canned in heavy or light syrup, which adds lots of empty sugar calories.

Just so, are canned peaches good for you?

There are a couple of things to pay attention to before you swear off of fresh peaches forever, though. First, the nutritional benefits only apply to peaches that are canned in water — when they're canned in syrup, the sugar levels go way up and undo all those nice health benefits.

What nutrients are in canned peaches?

In a comparison of canned peaches versus fresh, the canned were found to have significantly higher levels of vitamin C, folate and antioxidants, higher but not statistically different levels of vitamin A, and lower, but not statistically different, levels of vitamin E, total phenolics and total carotenoids.

Do canned peaches have added sugar?

Fruits canned in heavy syrup coat healthy pieces of fruit with loads of added sugar. One-half cup of pears canned in their own juice provides 60 calories and 12 grams of sugar. Improperly canned fruit (especially when home-canned) can also pose a risk for botulism—a serious foodborne illness.

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