Why do people paint the bottom of a tree?

There are a few reasons why people paint their tree trunks white: It helps prevent sun damage to the trunk tissue, especially if the tree has thin bark. The white paint reflects the sun. It acts as a pesticide, keeping bugs from burrowing into the trunk.

Moreover, why would you paint the bottom of a tree?

Painting tree trunks white is a time honored method of young tree protection often found in orchards and tree farms. There are several purposes but chief among them is to prevent cracking and splitting of the tender new bark, which can allow introduction of disease, insects and fungus.

Why do they paint the trees in Mexico?

I was also concerned as to the damage constant painting can cause to a tree's bark. In México farmers use Calcium Hidroxide (“cal”) to paint the bottom of trees, especially fruit trees, to protect them against pests and specifically a certain kind of ant, Atta or leafcutter ants.

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