Who were the rulers of ancient Rome?

In contrast, the last emperor of the Roman Empire wasn't even related to his predecessor let alone Augustus. In fact, only a handful of emperors were related by blood. Titus and Domitian were the sons of Vespasian while Commodus was the son of Marcus Aurelius.

Who was the most famous ruler of Rome?

5 Greatest And Worst Roman Emperors

  • 5 Greatest.
  • Trajan. General Trajan followed Nerva and helped re-established Rome as a conquering force, expanding farther east, the empires territory was at its widest during emperor Trajan's reign.
  • Augustus.
  • Antoninus Pius.
  • Marcus Aurelius.
  • 5 Worst.
  • Nero.
  • Caligula.

Who is the greatest ruler of Rome?

Augustus stood at the head of this empire as the emperor. He used his ruled wisely and built roads, aqueducts and buildings. Not only was Augustus the first, but he was most certainly one of the best emperors Rome ever had.

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