Who came up with the idea of fingerprints?

Later we learn that "with Galton's encouragement, Herschel came to consider that he, not Faulds, deserved to be known as the true inventor of the fingerprint idea", but Herschel is not a character in a novel and Beavan has no way of knowing this, nor does he ever tell us how and where, precisely, Galton is known to

Similarly, who developed fingerprints?

Alvarez was trained by Juan Vucetich. Sir Francis Galton published his book, "Finger Prints" in 1892, establishing the individuality and permanence of fingerprints. The book included the first published classification system for fingerprints.

Who invented fingerprinting for forensics?

For four years Galton worked on this system. In 1892, he produced a book, Fingerprints, which revolutionized forensic science, and credited Herschel. The same year that Galton contacted Herschel, he had been contacted someone else. The contact came indirectly, through his famous cousin.

When was the first time fingerprints were used to solve a crime?

In 1892, after studying Galton's pattern types, Vucetich set up the world's first fingerprint bureau. In that same year, Francisca Rojas of Necochea, was found in a house with neck injuries, whilst her two sons were found dead with their throats cut.

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