Which foods contain theobromine? | AnswersDrive

Overall, if you have any sensitivity to caffeine, checking with your doctor before consuming foods containing theobromine is recommended.

  • Cocoa Powder.
  • Dark Chocolate.
  • Dry Pudding Packs.
  • Instant Breakfast.
  • Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.
  • Popular Candy.
  • Chocolate Baked Goods.
  • Kola Nut.

In this regard, how much theobromine is in chocolate?

28 grams (1 oz) of milk chocolate contains approximately 60 milligrams (1 grain) of theobromine, while the same amount of dark chocolate contains about 200 milligrams (3 grains). Cocoa beans naturally contain approximately 1% theobromine. The plant species with the largest amounts of theobromine are: Theobroma cacao.

Is theobromine toxic to humans?

Theobromine. Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which is similar to caffeine. In large amounts, theobromine can be toxic for both dogs and humans; however toxicity is very rare in people even when very large quantities of chocolate are consumed.

Is theobromine a stimulant?

Much like caffeine, theobromine is a diuretic; however it mainly acts as a smooth muscle relaxant and cardiac stimulant [3]. While these two compounds have similar effects, the key difference is that caffeine has an effect on the central nervous system and theobromine most significantly affects smooth muscle [4].

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