Where does the sun rise and set?

For the moment, let us just think about one motion - - Earth's spin (or rotation) on its axis. Earth rotates or spins toward the east, and that's why the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars all rise in the east and make their way westward across the sky.

In this regard, which country does the sun set last?

This time, Samoans will lose a day, gliding from 29 December straight to 31 December. From then on, the country will be one hour ahead of New Zealand and three hours ahead of eastern Australia. Meanwhile, American Samoa will become the last place on Earth to see the sun set.

Where does the sun set last?

The locations have to be on either side of the International Date Line - and New Zealand is the easternmost part of the planet so sunrise starts from here; and Cape Mulinu'u on the small South Pacific island of Samoa being the westernmost point on the globe, the sun sets there at the end of the day literally.

Where exactly does the sun set?

At the summer solstice, the Sun rises as far to the northeast as it ever does, and sets as far to the northwest. Every day after that, the Sun rises a tiny bit further south. At the fall equinox, the Sun rises due east and sets due west.

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