What was the reason for US imperialism?

American imperialism was motivated by four main factors: economic, political, geographic, and cultural. The economic factors were desires to find new markets for trade. By extending colonial power throughout the world, the US would have new trading partners and markets.

So, why did so many Americans support imperialism?

Many Americans began to support imperialism in the late nineteenth century for a number of reasons. Let us look at a few of them. Many believed that the United States needed new markets for its manufactured goods. So many leaders advocated expanding American influence around the world through imperialism.

What are the benefits of imperialism?

There were many benefits to imperialism. These included economic, political, social, and cultural benefits. Many countries wanted colonies for economic reasons. The colonies often had resources that imperialistic countries needed to make products.

Why is imperialism important?

An important benefit of imperialism is the development of modern technologies, like steam-powered ships to aid in the expansion of European empires. Due to imperialism, exploration was in the minds of people. Their motive was to explore unknown territory in order to conduct scientific experiments and medical searches.

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