What type of image is formed by a converging lens?

Plane mirrors, convex mirrors, and diverging lenses will always produce an upright image. A concave mirror and a converging lens will only produce an upright image if the object is located in front of the focal point.

In this way, can a converging lens form a virtual image?

For a converging lens an object has to be placed between the focal point and the lens in order to form a virtual image. A converging lens can produce a virtual, upright, enlarged image. A converging lens can never produce a virtual, upright, reduced image. A diverging lens can produce a real, inverted, reduced image.

Which type of image is formed by a convex lens on a screen?

Therefore, the image formed is not real but virtual as the light rays appear to converge on the same side of the lens as the object. If the object is beyond the focal point of a convex lens, the light from the object will converge and can be focused on a screen. This type of image is known as a real image.