What state has the best economy 2020?


RankState/Union territoryData year
2Tamil Nadu2020–21

Keeping this in consideration, what state has the worst economy?

Four of the five worst ranked states on this list -- Louisiana, West Virginia, Alaska, and New Mexico -- also have among the largest mining sectors relative to total state employment. When the price of oil collapsed beginning in 2014, many oil-dependent state economies suffered as a result.

Similarly, why the US economy is strong?

The nation's economy is fueled by abundant natural resources, a well-developed infrastructure, and high productivity.

What is the best run state in America?

Best- and worst-run states in America: Which one is top rated?

  • Minnesota. 2016 Unemployment: 3.9% (13th lowest)
  • Utah. 2016 Unemployment: 3.4% (8th lowest)
  • Iowa. 2016 Unemployment: 3.7% (10th lowest)
  • Oregon. 2016 Unemployment: 4.9% (20th highest)
  • Washington. 2016 Unemployment: 5.4% (9th highest)
  • Nebraska. 2016 Unemployment: 3.2% (5th lowest)
  • North Dakota.
  • Idaho.

Is Texas A rich state?

The economy of Texas is the second largest in the United States. It has a gross state product of $1.803 trillion (2018), the second largest in the U.S.

Economy of Texas.

GDP$1.803 trillion (2018)
GDP per capita$62,962 (2018)
Population below poverty line15.8% (16.5% considering cost of living)
Gini coefficient0.474

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