What is the use of a tripod in science?

Burner Tripod / Beaker Stand. General appearance only; relative dimensions may vary from photo. Tripods are meant to be used in conjunction with wire gauze or a sand bath (or, for crucibles, a crucible triangle). The small tripod is best with 4" gauze or smaller.

Just so, how do you use a clay triangle?

To use a clay triangle, clamp an iron ring to a ring stand. This creates a framework to hold your apparatus above a Bunsen burner. Place the clay triangle on the iron ring and situate the Bunsen burner underneath it. Put the crucible on the clay triangle.

What does the triangle t mean in chemistry?

It is delta, meaning small change. It is a Greek letter. In chemistry, it most commonly signifies change in enthalpy. However, if you see a triangle symbol above the chemical reaction arrow, it means heat is added.

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