What is the unit of the molecular weight?

In chemistry, the molar mass M is a physical property defined as the mass of a given substance (chemical element or chemical compound) divided by the amount of substance. The base SI unit for molar mass is kg/mol. However, for historical reasons, molar masses are almost always expressed in g/mol.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you figure out molecular weight?

Go to periodic table and determine the atomic mass average (atomic weight) of each element. Multiply each atomic mass by the number of atoms in the formula. Add up the results of step three: 2.015+32.066+63.998 = 98.079 = molar mass of sulfuric acid.

What is the molecular weight of DNA?

Molecular weight of a double-stranded DNA molecule = (# of basepairs x 650 daltons)

How do you find molecular weight of a gas?

To determine the molecular weight of a gas, we measure the volume, temperature, and pressure of a known mass of a gas. We can use the Ideal Gas Law to calculate the number of moles of gas we have, and then divide this number into the mass to get the molecular weight.