What is the temperature at 30 000 feet?

On aircraft which fly above 30,000 feet, the temperature can often can get to temperatures below Jet-A's freezing point. For example: at 36,000 feet the standard outside air temperature is -56.5°C (-69.7°F) and is well below Jet-A's freezing point of -40°C/F.

Also question is, how does temperature change with height?

The troposphere is hotter near the Earth's surface because heat from the Earth warms this air. As the altitude increases the number of air molecules decreases, thus the average of their kinetic energy decreases. The results is a decrease in air temperature with an increase of altitude.

What temperature decreases with increasing height?

In the troposphere, the temperature generally decreases with altitude. The reason is that the troposphere's gases absorb very little of the incoming solar radiation. Instead, the ground absorbs this radiation and then heats the tropospheric air by conduction and convection.

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