What is the relationship between energy work and force?

There is a strong connection between work and energy, in a sense that when there is a net force doing work on an object, the object's kinetic energy will change by an amount equal to the work done: Note that the work in this equation is the work done by the net force, rather than the work done by an individual force.

Hereof, how work is related to power and energy?

work is an activity involving a force on an object and the distance traversed by the object due to the force. It can be measured by the change in energy. Energy is capacity of doing work.For example if a something has energy of x joule it can perform x joule work. Power is the work done in unit time.

How is force and energy related to work?

Work = change in energy. That is why both work and energy are measured in Joules. To do the work I applied a force (equal to the weight of the book) to the book from the floor to the tabletop. Work equals the force times the distance, in units of Newtons times Meters.

How the work is related to energy?

Energy or force that is applied or transferred to an object. Work may be done by a variable force or a constant force. Work is measured in joules and the equation is force multiplied by the displacement. Energy is the ability to do work.

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