What is the realtime priority?

It basically is higher/greater in everything else. A keyboard is less of a priority than the real time process. This means the process will be taken into account faster then keyboard and if it can't handle that, then your keyboard is slowed.

What is CPU priority?

The CPU priority is the amount of CPU resource a VS is given (you can think of this as its “share percentage” multiplied by the number of cores allocated to that VS). This is a minimum number – you can burst over it, up to 100% multiplied by the number of cores. For example, you have a hypervisor with 3GHz CPU cores.

What is base priority?

Base priority is the priority you assign to a task when you create it. The values are “high,” “medium,” and “low.” There is a run queue for each priority for each engine, and the global run queue also has a queue for each priority.

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