What is the purpose of an earth loop impedance test?

Earth fault loop impedance is the path followed by fault current when a low impedance fault occurs between the phase conductor and earth, i.e. “earth fault loop”. Fault current is driven round the loop by the supply voltage.

Why earth loop impedance is important to test?

Earth loop impedance tests involves having your electric installations and power points tested to avoid injury and electric shocks at your workplace and home. This is done by making sure the impedance of your electric circuit is generating enough fault current to operate a device.

What is Ze and Zs?

Ze = is the external loop impeadance (from the suppler side of the consumer unit back to the transformer) Zs = is the system loop impeacence (ie the circuirt from the cunsumer unit out to the sockets / lighting etc) R1 = resistance of phase conductor ie Live. R2 = resistance of cpc ie earth.