What is the meaning of haptic feedback?

Haptic feedback, often referred to as simply "haptics", is the use of the sense of touch in a user interface design to provide information to an end user. The resistive force that some "force feedback" joysticks and video game steering wheels provide is another form of haptic feedback.

Also question is, what is haptic feedback on my Android phone?

Simply put, haptic feedback (commonly referred to as haptics) is the use of touch feedback to the end user. You know how your Android phone vibrates a tiny bit when you tap one of the navigation buttons? That's haptics at work.

How do I turn on haptic feedback?

Tap the Sound and Vibration menu, and then tap the “Keypress vibration” checkbox to remove the checkmark. This will disable keyboard haptic feedback. Tap on the checkbox to disable keyboard haptic feedback.

What is haptic feedback on Samsung Galaxy s7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a setting that allows the smartphone to vibrate every time it gets a new notification called Haptic Feedback. The Android Haptic Feedback notifications can be from a text message, app update or any other type of alert that is set up as auto haptic.

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