What is the definition of structural failure?

Loss of the load-carrying capacity of a component or member within a structure or of the structure itself. Structural failure is initiated when the material in a structure is stressed to its strength limit, thus causing fracture or excessive deformations.

Accordingly, what can cause a structure to fail?

Structural failure occurs because of forces acting on the structure. These can be static forces (stationary forces) due to the structure's own weight or the load that it is carrying, OR dynamic forces (moving forces) produced by the wind, sea, vehicles, people, etc.

What are the main reasons for building collapse?

According to The India Disaster Report 2013, the following are the major causes of building collapse: The structure is not strong enough to support the load and hence it fails when it reaches a critical stress level. The structure may be weak due to its shape, size, or choice of its material.

Why do houses collapse?

Deterioration can result due to different reasons including; Substandard materials used: As building components fail, they can directly impact on the exterior walls. The collapse of interior floors can push against masonry exterior walls and this eventually paves the way for the collapse of buildings.

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