What is the death rate of Ethiopia?

7.5 deaths

Also asked, is healthcare free in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia technically has free healthcare for all, which is provided by government-run hospitals. The reality, however, is that “there are not enough hospitals and most suffer from inadequate staffing, budgets and machinery,” Zelalem says. Private hospitals exist but as an option affordable to very few Ethiopians.

One may also ask, what nationality has the longest lifespan?

Life Expectancy by Country for Women and Men in 2020

1Hong Kong81.8

What is the biggest tribe in Ethiopia?

The Oromo are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia. They also have a large population in Somalia and Kenya. It is believed that the Oromo have lived in what is now Ethiopia for over a millennium. Their native language is called Oromo.

Which region is the largest in Ethiopia?

Regional States and Chartered Cities of Ethiopia

No.RegionArea (Sq. Kilometers)
1Addis Ababa527

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