What is the carry on size for British Airways?

The main piece of cabin luggage must be no larger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm including handles, wheels and pockets. Each passenger is also allowed a smaller handbag/laptop bag and from August 18, 2015, the maximum size of these bags was reduced to 40cm x 30cm x 15cm (including handles, pockets and wheels).

Similarly, it is asked, what is the size of a carry on bag for British Airways?

Beginning August 18, the airline will decrease the size allowance for passengers' second carry-on bag from 18 x 14 x 8 inches (45 x 36 x 20cm) to 16 x 12 x 6 inches (40 x 30 x 15cm). The size allowance for passengers' main carry-on will stay the same: 22 x 18 x 10 inches (56 x 45 x 25cm).

What is the standard cabin baggage size?

Cabin baggage should have a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) including all handles, side pockets, wheels etc.

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