What is the best time of day to feed your dog?

Sample Dog Feeding Schedule of an Average Day with an Adult Dog

  • Food: Most adult dogs should eat twice a day.
  • Water: In general, it is best to leave a fresh bowl of water out for your dog every morning and every evening.
  • Sleep: An average dog sleeps about 14 hours a day.

Considering this, can you feed your dog once a day?

It is important that the puppy is fed a diet designed for its age and breed size. For dogs of 12 months or older, traditionally it has been recommended that they should be fed just once a day, with small breeds being fed twice a day because they only eat a small amount at each mealtime.

How long do you need to feed a puppy 3 times a day?

As a general rule, the feeding schedule for puppies under six months is three times a day, as they grow rapidly, but tiny stomachs are limited in size, and smaller meals are easier to digest (hence three times per day).