What is the best software to record a podcast?

Best Podcast Recording Software (For Mac & PC) 2018

  • Podcast Recording Software For macOS. GarageBand. Logic Pro.
  • Podcast Recording Software For Windows & macOS. Adobe Audition. Audacity. Hindenburg Journalist.
  • Other Audio Editing Software.
  • Helpful Podcast Software. Buzzsprout. Ecamm Call Recorder For Skype. Auphonic. Music Radio Creative. Scribie. Ringr.

Herein, how do you record a podcast on a Mac?

Podcast Recording

  1. Open QuickTime Player and select New Audio Recording.
  2. Start recording in QuickTime Player.
  3. Choose Podcast at the New Project window.
  4. Choose your podcast's filename and location.
  5. Delete any unnecessary podcast audio tracks.
  6. Press the record button when you're ready to begin.

What is Zencastr?

Zencastr is a great example. The company's new product, launched today, is designed to make it easier to record high-quality audio for interviewees based anywhere in the world. The problem the company is solving is that phone interviews sound horrible, and VOIP solutions like Skype often don't degrade very well.

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