What is the Android Assistant?

Google Assistant isn't an app that you can download. It's part of the Android operating system, much as Siri is part of iOS. If Google decides your phone can handle Google Assistant, you'll get that as part of an Android OS update.

Also question is, what is Android's version of Siri?

It started with Siri, which was soon followed by Google Now. Cortana is about to join the party, the new digital assistant unveiled in the beta of Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 operating system in early April. Like Siri (but unlike Android's Google Now feature) Cortana has a "personality."

What is the best personal assistant app for Android?

10 best personal assistant apps for Android

  • AIVC (Alice) Price: Free. AIVC (Alice) is a pretty standard virtual assistant with an above average track record.
  • Amazon Alexa. Price: Free.
  • Bixby. Price: Free.
  • Cortana. Price: Free.
  • Dragon Mobile Assistant. Price: Free.
  • Google Assistant. Price: Free.
  • Hound. Price: Free.
  • Jarvis. Price: Free / Up to $1.25.

Is there an app like Siri for Android?

Genie is one nice digital voice assistant app on Android OS which you can use as an alternative of Siri on your Android Phone. Tasks like voice texting, calling, and dialing is made easy through Genie app. Therefore, it is no doubt, one of the best apps for the alarm clock.