What is qualitative test result?

A qualitative HCG blood test checks if there is a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin in your blood. HCG is a hormone produced in the body during pregnancy. Other HCG tests include: HCG urine test. Quantitative pregnancy test (checks specific level of HCG in your blood)

Keeping this in view, what is a qualitative assay?

An assay is an investigative (analytic) procedure in laboratory medicine, pharmacology, environmental biology and molecular biology for qualitatively assessing or quantitatively measuring the presence, amount, or functional activity of a target entity (the analyte).

What is a qualitative drug test?

Drug testing codes in the Pathology and Laboratory chapter of the CPT® code book are defined as either qualitative or quantitative. A qualitative test tells you if a particular substance (analyte) is present in the specimen. A quantitative test tells you how much (the quantity) of an analyte is present.

What is a qualitative test in chemistry?

Qualitative chemical analysis, branch of chemistry that deals with the identification of elements or grouping of elements present in a sample. More often the sample is a complex mixture, and a systematic analysis must be made in order that all the constituents may be identified.

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