What is open and closed voicing?

Open Voicing (or Spread Voicing) By Sweetwater on May 2, 2005, 12:00 AM. A style of musical arranging or orchestration in which the notes of chords are assigned across a range wider than one octave. The lowest note of an open voicing is almost always the root of the chord; occasionally it may be the fifth.

Then, what is voicing on a piano?

Voicing is the adjustment of a piano's tone or quality of sound. Tone can be changed without affecting the pitch. A skilled piano technician can voice a piano to change its tonal personality from mellow to bright or robust to delicate.

What is rootless voicing?

Rootless voicings are an essential skill for the modern jazz pianist. To play a rootless voicing, we leave out the root of the chord and play one of the chord extensions instead so for example we could play the 3rd , 5th , 7th and the 9th could be the additional extension of the chord.

What is a drop 2 voicing?

Drop 2 chord voicings are formed by taking a chord and then dropping the next to the highest note, or voice, to the lowest note of the chord. Drop 2 voicings are important because most of these chords are easy for a guitarist to play on 4 adjacent strings.

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