What is in turface? | AnswersDrive

Turface is a soil conditioner. It is a calcine clay product used to improve drainage, reduce compaction, hold moisture, improve the CEC of the soil. The clay is mined in MS, then run through an oven at 1500 degrees.

Likewise, what type of soil to use for bonsai plants?

Roots can't grow into Lava rock. Organic potting compost includes peat moss, perlite and sand. It has several disadvantages (it retains much water and doesn't aerate/drain very well), but as part of a mixture it can be used perfectly well. Fine gravel / grit helps to create a well draining and aerated Bonsai soil.

What is Kiryu soil?

KIRYU. A hard heavy Japanese type of dense pumice that is moderately absorbent and with a neutral pH. Hard frost-proof structure means it is long lived and suitable for bonsai such as pines that are rarely re-potted.

What is Kanuma soil?

BONSAI is known to a lot of people all over the world. As you know, AKADAMA-TUCHI(akadama soil) and KANUMA-PUMICE(kanuma soil) for that are also famous mineral. And “TACHIKAWA HEIWA NOUEN CO., LTD” is a pioneer in a field of industry of the soil.