What is Excess 3 Gray code?

The Excess-3 code:- It is an important BCD code , is a 4 bit code and used with BCD numbers To convert any decimal numbers into its excess- 3 form ,add 3 to each decimal digit and then convert the sum to a BCD number As weights are not assigned, it is a kind of non weighted codes.

Also know, what is the Gray code for decimal 7?

Conversion Table from Binary to Gray Code:


What is meant by weighted code?

Weighted Codes:-The weighted codes are those that obey the position weighting principle,which states that the position of each number represent a specific weight. In these codes each decimal digit is represented by a group of four bits. There are millions of weighted code The most common one is 8421/BCD Code.

What do you mean by code conversion?

In telecommunication, the term code conversion has the following meanings: 1. Conversion of signals, or groups of signals, in one code into corresponding signals, or groups of signals, in another code. 2. This article related to telecommunications is a stub.

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