What is Cedar flagging? | AnswersDrive

Cedar Flagging. Cedar flagging is a natural process that is often confused with a disease. Evergreen plants, including conifers and broad leaf types, naturally shed some old foliage each year. During hot, dry weather, the foliage may drop.

Simply so, do cedar trees leaves turn brown in the fall?

Normal Browning and Needle Drop. You can expect some needles to turn brown and drop in spring or fall. This is somewhat normal during this time of year. You may also notice some dead needles on the cedar tree.

What makes a cedar tree turn brown?

Young cedars will show stress, manifested as browning, if you move them around. Cedars of any age can brown if you do not not irrigate them properly. Prune dead foliage during fall when the tree is dormant. Learn how to detect and prevent destructive insects that can cause your cedar to turn brown.

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