What is a finesse jig?

Finesse jigs usually are a Jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none type of jig. You can swim or pull them slowing along the bottom, they also can be flipped and pitched. The primary distinction between finesse jigs and other types of jigs is their size.

Also know, what lures to use for what fish?

Part 1 Matching Lure Types to Fish

  • Use plastic worms when fishing for largemouth bass.
  • Use crankbaits in a variety of situations.
  • Use spinnerbaits in situations where other lures would get hung up.
  • Use jigs any time during the year.
  • Use spoons for a number of different species.
  • Use flies when fishing for trout.

What is a fishing rig used for?

A rig is an arrangement of items used for fishing. It can be assembled of one or more lines, hooks, sinkers, bobbers, swivels, lures, beads, and other fishing tackle. A rig might be held by a rod, by hand, or attached to a boat or pier.

What is a bass jig?

The skirted jig has earned its place in the pantheon of jig fishing and bass lures through countless tournament wins and big bass awards. They are flat-out deadly and one of the few baits you can fish from early spring through late fall, in clear water as well as muddy, and in a foot of water just as easily as 40.