What happens when you block a Gmail account?

Functionality. Blocking somebody in Gmail places any messages from that person into the trash without ever displaying them in your inbox and while still allowing you to email him as normal. Unlike when you block somebody's email messages, however, you will not be able to send chat messages to a blocked contact.

So, can an email be blocked?

Gmail users can now block specific email addresses with just two clicks. In the top right hand corner of a message, click the drop-down menu button (upside down triangle), and select "block." (It appears with the name of the sender in quotes.) Any future messages from the blocked addresses will land in the spam folder.

How do I completely block someone from my Gmail?

How to Block Someone on Gmail

  1. Sometimes it's not enough to just mark mail as Spam.
  2. Pull up an email from the offending sender.
  3. Hit the down arrow to the far right of the sender's name.
  4. Click Block (Sender Name) from the list that drops down.
  5. Press Block to confirm.
  6. You will stop receiving emails from this person.
  7. Select Settings.

How can you tell if an email has been read?

There is no reliable method to check whether an email has been read. Use read receipts very sparingly for when you want to communicate extra urgent/important emails. If you would like a person to confirm receipt of an email – ask them in your email message.