What does Verizon charge for unlimited data?

Verizon usually lists rates exclusive of a $20 line-access charge, but it folds that cost into the advertised price of its unlimited plan: $80 for one device, $140 for two, $162 for three or $180 for four.

Also question is, what happens if you go over your data plan Verizon?

Verizon's Data Alert Email Can Push You Into a $15 Overage Fee. Cell phone customers know that going over your data limit can be costly. With Verizon, exceeding the limit results in a $15 charge, which buys you 500 MB of padding.

What is the data overage charge for Verizon?

Each 1 GB over your plan is billed at $15, rounded up to the nearest GB. You can get unlimited data on the new Verizon Plan. If you don't need that much data, the new Verizon Plan S-M-L data sizes offer Safety Mode, which protects you against overage charges.

What is promotional data on Verizon?

What is bonus data, and how does it work? Bonus data is extra data you can earn through certain promotions we offer from time to time. Bonus data is automatically added to your account when you complete the tasks required to earn the data. For example: Buy a new Verizon Wireless tablet and receive 1 GB of extra data.

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