What does it mean when you dream about rats in your house?

It is possible that your rat dream is portraying traitorous behavior, a betrayal, or deceit in your waking life. A rat is often described as a thief or someone who can't be trusted. Your rat dream might be a warning that someone is trying to betray you or might represent your fear of being betrayed.

What does it mean when you see a mouse in your dream?

A dream about mice may represent life's little annoyances. May symbolize small or insignificant problems that can be detrimental or do more harm than you might believe. To see them running away may indicate that you have a tendency to run and hide instead of facing and dealing with your problems.

What does it mean when you dream about a dead rat?

Dreaming about a dead rat may mean you're overwhelmed or frightful about a situation in your real life. It could also represent letting go of a relationship, especially if that relationship involves betrayal. “In that case, the dream is letting you know that the situation has come to an end,” notes O'Connor.