What does it mean to be a US national?

For tax purposes the term "U.S. national" refers to individuals who were born in American Samoa or were born in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands who have chosen to be U.S. nationals instead of U.S. citizens. U.S. Citizen. An individual born in the United States.

In this manner, what does it mean to be a citizen or national?

Therefore, this article explains only about the U.S. nationals that are NOT U.S. citizens. Definition. U.S. national is a person born in or having ties with "an outlying possession of the United States" which is as of 2005, only American Samoa and Swains Island.

Who is a non US citizen?

Section 308 INA confers U.S. nationality but not U.S. citizenship, on persons born in "an outlying possession of the United States" or born of a parent or parents who are non-citizen nationals who meet certain physical presence or residence requirements.

Is a green card holder a national of the US?

A “U.S. person” is any one of the following: U.S. citizen; Lawful permanent resident (green card holder); and “Protected Person” i.e. political asylum holder. Hence, any individual who is present in the U.S. on a temporary immigration visa, e.g., B, H, O, J, L visa, is a foreign national under the EAR.

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