What does it mean if you sleep with your eyes open?

People who sleep with their eyes open often wake to find their eyes dry, red and irritated. While the phenomenon isn't entirely understood, the most common cause is a sleep disorder called nocturnal lagophthalmos, which basically means an inability to fully close your eyelids at night.

In respect to this, why do people's eyes move when they are sleeping?

This discovery led researchers to believe the brain is switching to different mental imagery when the eyes move. Each time we move our eyes the brain forms a new mental image. The reason for REM sleep is still unknown, but processes that occur during this cycle have been shown to be vital for brain health.

Do your eyeballs roll back when you close your eyes?

As your lids go down, your eyes go up. It's called Bell's phenomenon and it is basically a way of protecting our eyes. The most sensitive portion of the front of our eyes is the cornea. If we sense impending injury, the eye will immediately turn up so the cornea is protected even before the eyelid begins to close.

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