What does it mean for a cell to be turgid?

Plant cells always have a strong cell wall surrounding them. When the take up water by osmosis they start to swell, but the cell wall prevents them from bursting. Plant cells become "turgid" when they are put in dilute solutions. Turgid means swollen and hard.

Likewise, people ask, what is the definition of turgid in biology?

Turgid – a plant cell fully inflated with water. Plasmolysed – a plant cell that has lost water causing the cell membrane to be pulled away from the inside of the cell wall. Flaccid – a plant cell that is limp through a reduction of pressure inside the cell.

What does it mean when a plant is turgid?

When the plant cell is placed in a hypotonic solution , it takes up water by osmosis and starts to swell, but the cell wall prevents it from bursting. The plant cell is said to have become "turgid" i.e. swollen and hard. The pressure inside the cell rises until this internal pressure is equal to the pressure outside.

What is a turgid state?

medical Definition of turgid. : being in a normal or abnormal state of distension : swollen, tumid. turgid limbs.

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