What do you put in Tanqueray?

Great in a G&T, you can mix Tanqueray London Dry Gin or Tanqueray No.10 with plenty of ice in a Highball glass and garnish with a wedge of lime to enjoy a pure expression of the rich grapefruit botanicals flavour. Or enjoy with lemonade or a pour of orange juice.

Similarly, it is asked, where is the Tanqueray distillery?

Cameronbridge Gin Distillery (Tanqueray Gordon) Cameron Bridge Distillery near Edinburgh is where Diageo's UK gin production is centred, and it is the only place in the world where Tanqueray Gin is made.

How much is a bottle of gin Tanqueray?

Tanqueray Prices

Tanqueray London Dry Gin1.75l$33.69
Tanqueray No. Ten Gin750ml$26.99
Tanqueray No. Ten Gin1.75l$49.99

What is the best brand of gin?

The 10 Best Gins You Can Buy Under $40

  • Valentine Liberator Gin.
  • Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin.
  • Tanqueray No. Ten.
  • North Shore Distiller's Gin No. 6. Price: $27.99.
  • Ransom Old Tom Gin. Price: $36.99.
  • Beefeater 24. Price: $33.99.
  • Tuthilltown Half Moon Orchard Gin. Price: $37.00.
  • St. George Dry Rye Gin. Price: $36.99.

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