What do you mean by forward bias?

forward bias The d.c. voltage required to maintain current flow in a bipolar transistor or diode or to enhance current flow in a field-effect transistor. For example, a silicon diode will conduct current only if its anode is at a positive voltage compared to its cathode; it is then said to be forward biased.

Hereof, how does a forward biased diode work?

When the p-n junction is reverse biased, the barrier resistance is increased, so little or no electron current flows. When forward biased, the barrier resistance is decreased, and a larger electron current flows. This property is used to make diode rectifiers.

What do you mean by forward bias and reverse bias?

reverse bias The applied d.c. voltage that prevents or greatly reduces current flow in a diode, transistor, etc. For example, a negligible current will flow through a diode when its cathode is made more positive than its anode; the diode is then said to be reverse biased. Compare forward bias. "reverse bias."

What is forward diode?

Reverse-bias is when the anode is negative and the cathode is positive. A lot of current flows when the diode is forward-biased, provided that the voltage is higher than 0.6V or so for a silicon diode or 0.3V or so for a germanium device. A very small amount of current flows if a diode is reverse-biased.

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