What can eat a beetle in the desert?

Beetles eat almost everything: plants, other insects, carcasses, pollen, and dung. Some beetles living in water eat small fish and tadpoles; Phosphuga atrata eats snails. Most beetles have a very good sense of smell to help them find food.

Also, what are the predators of a beetle?

Swifts and other birds, such insectivorous mammals as bats, reptiles, frogs, and other insects may act as beetle predators. Some beetle predators feed particularly on beetle larvae, although many beetle larvae that feed on plants and in the ground probably are distasteful to birds and other predators.

What will eat a Japanese beetle?

Aerial Assault – Birds. Among bird predators, Starlings are the best known beetle-eaters, eating both the grubs and adult beetles. Other birds known to eat grubs are robins, crows, grackles, catbirds, sparrows, bobwhites, blue jays, eastern kingbirds, woodpeckers and purple martins.

What beetles feed on?

To feed the beetles you can offer banana, apple, orange, grape, pineapple or mango (among other fruits) on a ceramic or plastic plate. Just place this in the middle of the enclosure, preferably not directly under the light bulb. The beetles will find it and you can see them eat from it.