What can be used in place of chives?

Herb Substitutions

BasilOregano or thyme
ChervilTarragon or parsley
ChivesGreen onions (scallions), onion, or leek
Italian SeasoningBlend any of these: basil, oregano, rosemary, and ground red pepper

Similarly, you may ask, can I use green onion instead of chives?

Chives are an herb, green onions are part ofwell an onion. They are often used in similar ways and in similar dishes. You can substitute one for the others in most cases, but I could not say they are interchangeable. They have distinct flavors and it will change the dish to change the ingredient.

Can you substitute onion powder for chives?

Other alternatives for chives include onion. While onions are not visually similar to chives, they can provide the same flavor if used sparingly. If the recipe calls for three tablespoons of chives, you should use a single tablespoon of very finely chopped onion.

Is there a difference between chives and green onions?

The Difference Between Chives, Scallions And Green Onions. Chives are a completely different species altogether. Although they do have an onion-like flavor profile, they are typically used more as an herb or garnish than a whole ingredient.

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