What are the examples of isotopes?

Some examples of stable isotopes are isotopes of carbon, potassium, calcium and vanadium. Radioactive isotopes have an unstable combination of protons and neutrons, so they have unstable nuclei. Because these isotopes are unstable, they undergo decay, and in the process can emit alpha, beta and gamma rays.

In this regard, what is an isotope and why is it important?

The term "isotopes" refers to atoms of an element that have the same quantity of protons but differ in the number of neutrons they possess. Isotopes of an element all have the same chemical behavior, but the unstable isotopes undergo spontaneous decay during which they emit radiation and achieve a stable state.

How are isotopes used in medicine?

Nuclear medicine is a medical specialty that involves the application of radioactive substances to diagnose or treat disease. Common isotopes that are used in nuclear imaging include: fluorine-18, gallium-67, krypton-81m, rubidium-82, nitrogen-13, technetium-99m, indium-111, iodine-123, xenon-133, and thallium-201.

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