What are the causes of low death rate?

Cancer (-2.4%) Chronic lower respiratory diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, and bronchitis (+1.2%) Stroke (-3.1%) Accidents or unintentional injuries (unchanged)

Furthermore, what are the reasons for the decline in the death rate after 1900?

During the first half of the century, changes in the ability to avoid and withstand infectious diseases were the prime factors in reducing mortality. Infectious diseases were the leading cause of death in 1900, accounting for 32 percent of deaths. Pneumonia and influenza were the biggest killers.

Also, what drastically reduced the infant death rate?

Improving sanitation, access to clean drinking water, immunization against infectious diseases, and other public health measures can help reduce high rates of infant mortality. In 1990 9 million infants younger than 1 year died globally. Until 2015 this number has almost halved to 4.6 million infant deaths.

What was the leading cause of death in 1950?

Cancer has become the leading cause of death

YearCancersInfectious and parasitic diseases

Why is infant mortality so high in the US?

The two main reasons for the higher U.S. mortality were “congenital malformations, which patients cannot really do much about other than ensuring adequate screening during pregnancy, and high risk of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy, which should largely be preventable through appropriate sleeping arrangements,”

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