What are all of the transformations in math?

A transformation is a general term for four specific ways to manipulate the shape of a point, a line, or shape. The original shape of the object is called the pre-image and the final shape and position of the object is the image under the transformation. Types of transformations in math. Translation. Reflection.

Also to know is, what are the four transformations in maths?

The four types of transformations which you will encounter during this topic are:

  • Rotation.
  • Reflection.
  • Translation.
  • Enlargement/Re-sizing.

What is the transformation equation?

A function transformation takes whatever is the basic function f (x) and then "transforms" it (or "translates" it), which is a fancy way of saying that you change the formula a bit and thereby move the graph around.

What are the translations in math?

Translation Definition. Translation is a term used in geometry to describe a function that moves an object a certain distance. The object is not altered in any other way. In a translation, every point of the object must be moved in the same direction and for the same distance.

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