Is the red hair gene dominant?

The other gene pair is a non-red/red pair, where the non-red allele (which suppresses production of pheomelanin) is dominant and the allele for red hair is recessive. A person with two copies of the red-haired allele will have red hair.

In this way, is blonde hair recessive or dominant gene?

The genetics of hair colors are not yet firmly established. According to one theory, at least two gene pairs control human hair color. One phenotype (brown/blonde) has a dominant brown allele and a recessive blond allele. A person with a brown allele will have brown hair; a person with no brown alleles will be blond.

Can a child have red hair if neither parent does?

The gene for red hair is recessive, so a person needs two copies of that gene for it to show up or be expressed. That means even if both parents carry the gene, just one in four of their children are likely to turn out to be a redhead.

Can blonde parents have a dark haired child?

Typically two blonde parents will have blonde children. Blonde hair color is thought to be recessive and so both parents would have only the blonde gene to pass on to their children. However, two brunette parents could have a blonde child.