Is the odd couple coming back this year?

Matthew Perry Found Out The Odd Couple Is Canceled in the Harshest Way Possible. With the fate of his CBS sitcom up in the air following its January 30 season three finale, Matthew Perry has learned the very, very hard way that The Odd Couple probably isn't returning to the network for a fourth go-round.

Beside this, who are the original odd couple?

The success of the 1968 film version of the stage play of The Odd Couple, which starred Jack Lemmon as Felix and Walter Matthau as Oscar, served as the catalyst to bringing the characters to television.

Is the odd couple canceled?

Starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon, the multi-camera comedy appeared ripe for cancellation in November, when CBS decided not to extend its 13-episode order. CBS gave out 18 series renewals back in March, with “The Odd Couple” being one of the few shows not renewed at that time.

What is the meaning of odd couple?

Definition of odd couple. : two people with a special connection or relationship who are very different from each other.

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