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To make an international call from your Straight Talk mobile phone, dial 410-635-5555. The Straight Talk Unlimited International** Service Plan is a flexible plan that enables you to make international calls from your Straight Talk to Mobile phones in Mexico, Canada, China, India and over 1,000 landline destinations.

Similarly, it is asked, do prepaid cell phones work internationally?

Cell phone users in those countries can buy one phone and simply switch to a different SIM card for phone access in each country. Cingular and T-Mobile use GSM. But unless you have the phone unlocked to work with other cell phone providers, you'll probably have to pay your company's international roaming rates.

What countries are included in T Mobile International Plan?

Unlimited stateside mobile and landline calling is included with the $15 Stateside International Talk service when you call these countries from the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

  • Austria. Belgium. Bermuda. Canada. China. Cyprus.
  • Guadeloupe. Guam. Hong Kong. Hungary. India. Indonesia.
  • Mexico. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Singapore.

How much is Sprint global roaming?

Sprint Offers Free Global Roaming Data. Skip the add-on step, Sprint customers now get free basic international data coverage and texting automatically. The wireless carrier offers its customers basic data at 2G speeds and text messaging free in 165 destinations and voice calls for $0.20 per minute.

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