Is makeup bad for your acne?

Sure, some makeup can clog your pores and make acne worse, but that's where careful selection and proper usage comes into play. A few studies have shown non-comedogenic and non-irritating makeup formulated for acne-prone skin is safe to use. I would go as far as to argue that makeup is good for your skin.

Just so, what ingredient in makeup causes acne?

Moderate to Highly Comedogenic or Irritating Skin Care Ingredients:

  • acetylated lanolin.
  • algae extract.
  • algin.
  • benzoic acid.
  • cajeput oil.
  • carrageenan.
  • cetyl acetate.
  • coal tar.

Do primers make you break out?

Silicone based primers actually can prevent breakouts. They put a seal on your skin so bacteria and irritants can't get in BUT that also means if your skin isn't clean when you apply it that dirt will be trapped and probably cause a blemish. Also sweating in your primer can cause a break out.

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