Is JSP a programming language?

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that helps software developers create dynamically generated web pages based on HTML, XML, or other document types. Released in 1999 by Sun Microsystems, JSP is similar to PHP and ASP, but it uses the Java programming language.

Similarly one may ask, what is difference Servlet and JSP?

JSP can be compiled into Java Servlets. It's easier to code in JSP than in Java Servlets. JSP is a webpage scripting language that can generate dynamic content while Servlets are Java programs that are already compiled which also creates dynamic web content. A servlet is like any other Java class.

Why is JSP used for?

JSP supports both scripting and element-based dynamic content, and allows programmers to develop custom tag libraries to satisfy application-specific needs. JSP pages can be used in combination with servlets that handle the business logic, the model supported by Java servlet template engines.

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