Is Fisher and Paykel Australian owned?

Fisher & Paykel Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of New Zealand based Fisher & Paykel Appliances Holdings Limited. The ultimate parent entity is China-based Haier Group Corporation, an electronics and home appliances company.

Hereof, who makes the Haier TV?

Who Makes Haier TVs? Haier TVs are made by the Haier Group, a Chinese company founded in Qingdao, China in 1984. The company began as a small refrigerator factory and quickly expanded over the years, opening its first American factory in 1999. The company offers a full line of home appliances.

Who makes the Frigidaire appliances?

Frigidaire. Clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges, room air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and microwave ovens. Frigidaire is the US consumer and commercial home appliances brand subsidiary of European parent company Electrolux.

Where is Hisense made?

It designs, manufactures and markets its products, which include commercial and household central air-conditioning systems, in China. Hisense-Hitachi products are also sold in Japan. It operates a commercial air-con production facility in the Hisense Information Industrial Park.