Is a lava lamp an example of convection?

Transcript of Lava Lamps and Convection Currents. Lava Lamps By: Erin Merrifield A lava lamp consists of oil and water. There is a light bulb at the bottom of the glass and heats up the two liquids. The light bulb heats up the oil, which causes the oil to expand and rise.

In respect to this, what are examples of convection heat transfer?

A good example would be heating a tin can of water using a Bunsen burner. Initially the flame produces radiation which heats the tin can. The tin can then transfers heat to the water through conduction. The hot water then rises to the top, in the convection process.

Where can you find convection?

Convection currents in the magma drive plate tectonics. Heat generated from the radioactive decay of elements deep in the interior of the Earth creates magma (molten rock) in the aesthenosphere. The aesthenosphere (70 ~ 250 km) is part of the mantle, the middle sphere of the Earth that extends to 2900 km.