How often do Nephrostomy tubes need to be changed?

The tube should be flushed daily with 10mL of sterile normal saline, if suggested by the Radiologist. Change the dressing around the tube at least once per week or if it becomes soiled or wet. Change the drainage bag every seven (7) days.

Also, why would you need a nephrostomy tube?

When your ureters get blocked by stones or blood clots, urine stays in your kidneys and will cause problems. The nephrostomy tube is put in to drain your urine directly from your kidneys. You may need this tube if you have pelvic tumors, damage to the urinary system, prostate cancer, or other conditions.

What is the purpose and function of a nephrostomy tube?

A nephrostomy tube is a thin plastic tube that is passed from the back, through the skin and then through the kidney, to the point where the urine collects. Its job is to temporarily drain the urine that is blocked. This allows the kidney to function properly and protects it from further damage.

Why are nephrostomy tubes placed?

Your doctor may use image guidance to place a thin, flexible tube called a stent into the ureter to restore urine flow. If a stent cannot be placed, he may perform a nephrostomy, during which a tube is placed through the skin into the kidney and connected to either an external drainage bag or the bladder.

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