How much power does a LED use?

An LED that uses 60 watts is in no way comparable to an incandescent bulb that uses 60 watts. In fact, a 60-watt LED just may blind you. LEDs are designed to use less energy and naturally have a lower watt rating. This means it's useless to use watts to determine brightness.

Similarly, how many volts is an LED?

Based on what you describe seems like you have something lower than 3 volts (since it does turn with 1 battery). You can see in the following image I have a 3 volt-drop LED, if I power it with a 6V battery I have both LEDs light up. As I measure the voltage between the LEDs I read 3 Volts, as expected.

What is the forward voltage of an LED?

The forward voltage is the voltage drop across the diode if the voltage at the anode is more positive than the voltage at the cathode (if you connect + to the anode). You will be using this value to calculate the power dissipation of the diode and the voltage after the diode.

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